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a brand of Konsult Global Education

Konsult Baking and Culinary Academy

Tasks to be achieved:

  • Cooking Actions
  • Measurement
  • Cooking variations of Snacks
  • Cooking variations of Cakes
  • Cooking variations of Baking
  • Cooking variations of Chocolates
  • Cooking variations of Savory
  • Cooking variations of Desserts
  • Cooking variations of Multi Cuisines
  • Hygiene skills
  • Kitchen Safety
  • Table Etiquette
  • Recognition of various ingredients
  • Food Art
  • Practice with various mediums


  • Rs.2400/- per month (all 6 modules - payment - Includes material cost) - Total amount - Rs.14,400 /- 
  • Rs. 2800/- per month (2 month payment - Includes material cost). Total amount - Rs.5600/-
  • Rs. 750/- for one day participation

Registration: (One Time - Only for 2 months and above) - Rs. 950/-(includes a bag and a basic kit).

Konsult Junior Chef Diploma


7 years to 16 years


Class timing: 2 hour class, once a week 

The students have a short attention span and hence they should be kept entertained throughout the entire class. In each class there will be a five minutes warm up to get the students prepared for the class. They will be taught through actions what baking techniques that they will learn in the particular class. The student will bake a dish of the day which they will be allowed to take home.

At the completion of the course there will be a practical exam where the student will prepare and apply what they have learnt in the duration of the course, which will be presented to the parents.

The course looks to enhance the child’s verbal ability, mathematical skills and creativity. The course will teach the child the importance of sharing, helping to others and working as a team. 

Why Konsult Junior Chef?

  • Structured Learning
  • Hands on Experience
  • State of the art infrastructure
  • Creative Ambience
  • Cook, Create and Collaborate
  • Motor Skills Development
  • Empowering and enriching children's lives
  • Discipline, dedication, and drive
  • ​Imported Safety Knives


On completion of all 6 modules, the participant will be recognised and awarded completion of all modules certificate of JUNIOR CHEF DIPLOMA (BAKING)

Participation Certificate for all others.

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